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Safe Refuge During the Storms of Life

Offering evidence based methods of therapy.

Find healing amid depression and loss.

Improve couple and family relationships.  

Assist family members caring for medically fragile loved ones.  

Help your child with emotional and/or behavioral problems.

Family Counseling


Why get family counseling?


A new baby, a difficult child, a troubled teen, a separation or divorce all are examples of how the system can become out of kilter and a family becomes distressed.  Family therapy is a place to feel safe and explore why we have been brought to our current way of being in relationship.


What will we do in therapy?


We look closely at daily communication skills, conflict and resolution patterns and family history including trauma and major life events. What role does each family member play? What patterns resist change?  Viewing individuals through a systems lens can increase the outcome for lasting change and growth.


How will we know it is working?


Treatment is completed when families can share equal communication skills. They can disagree safely, make choices and learn through practice and play. Family members begin to understand that the maladaptive behavior that once helped them to survive may no longer be necessary.

Couples Counseling


Do we need couples counseling?  


Helpful and effective at any stage in the relationship. Pre-marital counseling  provides tools for a lifetime.  As couples mature, the answer to “what brings you to therapy?” is often frequent arguments or lost trust. Even if a couple is contemplating a divorce, learning to cooperate and work as a team will have lasting positive impact on parents and children. 


What will we do in therapy?


Using Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) couples learn to identify their primary emotions and begin to leave behind the defensive dance.  Anchor Counseling also offers a specialized process for end stage relationships called Discernment Counseling. It is never too late get the help you need. 


How will we know we are getting better?


Coming home can feel like a safe haven and secure base again.  The answers to “Are you there for me?” and “Can I count on you?” become a resounding “Yes!” What naturally follows is a strengthening of the emotional bond.  This is an evidence based therapeutic process that takes practice but it has been proven. It works.

Individual Counseling


Should I seek counseling?


Depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma and loss are the most common reasons people seek counseling.   Beginning therapy doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. It can be that safe hour you take to nourish yourself and find clarity. Younger clients are often surprised to find therapy a fun hour where they enjoy new ways of telling their story and being heard. You don’t have to go it alone. Together we can find healing. 


What can I expect? 


Anchor Counseling Services uses a variety of approaches, uniquely tailored to the needs of the client. Attachment theory emphasizes our bonds and also sheds light on the reality that we have a ‘native language’ that we were taught before we had the ability to speak. We knew who we could trust and if we were safe. Individual counseling can give you a place to feel safe and secure in a confidential therapeutic relationship. 


How will I know I am getting what I need?  


Good therapy is based on the view that within each of us lays our own truths and our own answers.  This is a collaborative process, which means that goals are set together and there is no mystery to therapy. The main goal is for the client to live an authentic life.  Clients stop looking at past events and instead become motivated to look forward. In this process it is possible to find meaning through suffering, work and love. We can help.



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Anchor Counseling Services shares office space with 5 independently contracted therapists. Each brings their own modality for counseling.

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